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Hard Money Loans Grant Park, Atlanta
Hard Money Loans Grant Park, Atlanta

25% of homes purchased in Atlanta in 2021 were bought by real estate investors. The housing market shows no signs of slowing down despite the supply of homes unable to meet the high demands of 2022. Atlanta remains a focal point for investor opportunities. How can we help you get ahead in this demanding market? Schedule a call to consult on your next investment property!


Last year, real estate investors bought nearly one in seven homes sold in America’s top metropolitan areas, the most in at least two decades, according to the realty company Redfin.

Those purchases come at a time when would-be buyers across the country are seeing wildly escalating prices, raising the question of what impact investors are having on prices for everyone else. Real estate investors were even more aggressive in the final three months of the year, buying 15 percent of all homes that sold in the 40 markets.

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Atlanta, GA
The Washington Post, Kevin Schaul
Jonathan O’Connell

25 percent of homes purchased in this area last year were bought by investors — more than the typical metro. That’s higher than its 2015 rate of 12 percent.

Real estate investors can be large corporations, local companies or wealthy individuals, and they generally don’t live in the properties they are buying. Some look to flip homes to new buyers, while others rent them out.

Neighborhoods where a majority of residents are Black have been heavily targeted, according to a Washington Post analysis of Redfin data. Last year, 30 percent of home sales in majority Black neighborhoods were to investors, compared with 12 percent in other Zip codes, The Post’s analysis shows.

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