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Chetan Makar:
Hey there. This is Chetan Makar out here in Atlanta. I just really, really want to thank Investor Underwriting. They pulled off something really, really cool. Heather is my account manager. She’s amazing. She’s awesome. She used to be a teacher and they say teachers aren’t super money motivated, but I will tell you, Heather will do what she needs to do to help you with your money and to make sure that her team and the lenders are taken care of on all sides. So they’re awesome. Honestly, at first was a little so, so about them because I couldn’t find a bunch of reviews online. I didn’t see a bunch of video testimonials. They had a great website for hard money loans and I’m in the marketing business as well as real estate. And I needed to see the proof in the pudding. So this is my proof in the pudding. Again, my name is Chetan Makar, you can look me up on LinkedIn.

You could reach out to me. I have nothing but good things to say about Investor Underwriting and their team. They’re quick. They’re easy to deal with. They helped me get $900,000 of credit in a few weeks, maybe two. Other lenders were saying, “No, not interested. We can’t help you. We need to show certain things with your 1099’s and your W2’s and all this stuff.” Heather was great. She said, “Provide us some basics. We can help you, whether it’s a rental, whether it’s a fix and flip. Our rates are actually reliable and decent compared to some of these other vendors who are talking about seven, 7.5 and right now we’re in about mid-2021, which is just crazy numbers. So anyway, Investor Underwriting. Awesome. This is a legit video, not some fake paid video. I think you guys should work with them. They’re awesome.

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