“I love being able to close my deals fast and getting the money to rehab the property too!”

– Aaron R.

Why work with Investor Underwriting?

Many investors want passive income from an asset-backed investment without the hassle of managing real estate. Is that you too?

Here’s The Hidden Strategy (Once Accessible By Only The Elite Investors) To Earn Passive Monthly Income In A Safe, Income-Producing Investment

Real estate investing can be capital intensive and often requires additional funding after the acquisition is made but before a return on investment can be achieved.

For this reason, real estate investors rely on hard money loans to help them fund rehabs to bring their investment to a level that they can rent or sell.

This creates a win-win opportunity: Investors who need a short-term loan can borrow from a private real estate money lender to fund the rehab.

7 Reasons Why Lenders Love Hard Money Loans For Real Estate

#1. Earn monthly income: borrowers make monthly payments over the term of their loan until the entire loan is paid off. That means, private real estate money lenders get regular passive cash flowing payments each and every month.

#2. Enjoy passive returns: investing in real estate can be time-intensive and effort-intensive. But providing a hard money loan to investors is a powerful way to participate in the real estate space without the hassles and headaches of managing real estate.

#3. Careful underwriting: borrowers must pass the Investor Underwriting underwriting criteria in order to qualify for a loan. Therefore, lenders can lend with confidence that borrowers have been carefully screened. (View our lending criteria here)

#4. Targeted borrowers: at Investor Underwriting, we don’t lend to anyone. Our carefully selected target market includes experienced real estate investors with existing portfolio of assets with equity who are financially comfortable already from existing businesses and real estate, and are looking to play a bigger game and scale up. Our services are NOT for everybody and we’re pretty up-front about that, which means borrowers tend to self-qualify and lenders get the cream of the crop.

#5. Risk protection and limited downside: while no investment or loan is ever 100% guaranteed (and you should run from anyone who makes that claim), these loans are secure because they are backed by a real estate asset. On the rare occasion that they loan is not paid back, lenders are protected because of the value of the asset.

#6. Accessible and liquid: with borrowing terms of 12-24 months, lenders enjoy the returns of an investment and the accessibility and liquidity of the shorter term. Your money is available to spend or re-invest after the loan term is complete.

#7. Help others: providing hard money loans is a way to help real estate investors who want to complete their deals and rent or sell their property. Your loan keeps the deal – and the investor – moving forward.

What Types Of Real Estate Deals Do We Fund With Our Investors?

We Have Many More In The Pipeline Like This And Want To Work With Lenders Who Want Passive Monthly Cash Flow On Asset-Backed Loans Similar To These…

We fund all types of real estate projects, from fix and flips, to rehab projects, rental property repositioning, and commercial.


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Here’s How Our Loan Process Works…

And How You Can Benefit As A Lender…

We’ve built a simple but effective system to help borrowers and lenders.

1. Real estate investors who need to borrow money will contact us for help.

2. We qualify the investor to make sure that they meet our underwriting guidelines.

3. If they do, we alert our list of private lenders (like you) to provide a loan.

4. When you see a loan you’d like to invest in, you let us know.

5. We’ll take care of all the paperwork and money transfers (you don’t have to view the property or even meet the buyer).

6. Most important: as the borrower pays back their loan, we’ll deposit funds in your bank account each and every month until the loan is paid off!

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