Real Estate Success in Atlanta!

Visions General Contracting Services
Speaker 1:
Investor Underwriting has made the impossible in real estate possible for me. I’ve done fix and flips in Atlanta for years. Typically, I have to come to the table with 20% down, along with my monthly interest payments and still have the funds to kickstart my rehab project.

Well, when I came across them and their 100% financing, I was honestly skeptical at first, but it is truly 100% financing. No money down. I came to closing with nothing but a pen, so it was amazing. What’s even better than that for me is that the monthly payments are deferred so that reduces the stress of having to pay a monthly note when you’re wanting to really focus on your project and your rehab, and that’s exactly what I’m able to do now. I think they just get it. It was fast. It was easy. They understand the real estate investor’s side of everything. I am really excited about my project right now and the outcome of it.

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