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The Three Categories Of Flips – There are three main types of flips: wholesaling, “wholetailing” and the best known, with the help of HGTV’s plethora of reality shows, fixing and flipping.

Fix And Flip: What It Is And How You Can Make The Most Of One

With the help of HGTV’s abundance of reality shows about people fixing and flipping properties, house flipping has become mainstream, but what exactly is a “fix and flip,” which types are the most common and how can you make the most of one?

A “flip” house is when an investor purchases a house with the intention of reselling it at a greater cost a short time later. For many lenders providing Los Angeles hard money loans, including our own hard-money lending business, this “brief time” relates to any property purchased and sold within a period of 12 months. However, if your project needs more than 12 months to finish, do not despair; many LA hard money lenders may still be able to provide funding for projects or circumstances that may require a longer credit period.

The Three Categories Of Flips

There are three main types of flips: wholesaling, “wholetailing” and the best known, fixing and flipping.

1. One of three ways can be achieved by wholesaling a property. The purchase agreement can be assigned (to the next buyer). You can sell through a double escrow (one escrow for buying the subject property and one for selling to the second investor or end user, which is open at the same time but closes in the order of sale). Or, without remodeling the property, you can buy and resell rapidly with a Los Angeles hard money loan.

2. Wholetailing a property is achieved by buying a property with Los Angeles hard money loans, making a fast clean-up of the property, then returning it to a multiple listing service (MLS) for sale to an investor or end user.

3. Fixing and flipping is when an investor buys a property typically with a Los Angeles hard money loan, remodels the property to add value, and then lists it (typically) to sell to an end user on an MLS.

If you’re an investor in real estate looking to take advantage of flipping possibilities, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. It’s essential to make sure you’re “buying right” regardless of your approach. Like all real estate investments, when you purchase, you create your cash. It is also essential to understand your figures on a deal, both when it comes to values determined by similar properties and sales, and when it comes to purchasing with a Los Angeles hard money loan, keeping and selling the property.

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