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6 Tips for Buying and Selling in Zillow’s Hottest Real Estate Markets, Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

HOT Market 2022 – Zillow has predicted a 14% in home prices through November 2022. How do you take advantage of the HOT Market in Atlanta this year?

The hot real estate market of 2021 shows no signs of slowing down in 2022, according to a recent study released by Zillow. 

That’s especially true in the South. Nine of the top 10 forecasted hot markets are in the southern U.S., with Tampa leading the way. Jacksonville, Raleigh, San Antonio and Charlotte rounded out the top 5.

Zillow’s Top 10 Markets

Rank City Typical Home Value in 2021 Home Values Growth 2022 Days to Pending Sale in 2021  
1 Tampa, FL $323,040 25% 6  
2 Jacksonville, FL $314,569 22% 9  
3 Raleigh, NC $391,444 24% 5  
4 San Antonio, TX $269,724 19% 12  
5 Charlotte, NC $329,961 21% 6  
6 Nashville, TN $384,321 20% 7  
7 Atlanta, GA $330,218 22% 9  
8 Phoenix, AZ $422,463 20% 13  
9 Orlando, FL $332,633 15% 8  
10 Austin, TX $534,443 21% 19  

Note: All data displayed in the table are from Zillow. Typical home values and median days from listing to pending sale are from November 2021. Expected growth in home values is between November 2021 and November 2022.

Zillow’s rankings took into account a variety of factors, including strong forecasted home value growth, high job growth, fast-moving inventory and a high volume of interested buyers. Zillow also said these top 10 markets have historically been unaffected by rising interest rates and a slowing stock market – risk factors in both the economy and real estate market.

Zillow predicts the growth in home prices will jump 14% through November 2022, meaning another year of real estate madness across the United States.

So if you plan to buy or sell a house this year in one of these hot seller’s markets, what does this mean for you?

Here are six suggestions.

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