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Do you have a real estate project in or around Hanover West that you need funded? We can help. See how our hard money loan process works and if we can fund your next deal…

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Hard Money Loans Hanover West, GA.

Have A Real Estate Project You’re Looking To Fund?

You need capital to run your real estate investing business. Whether it’s acquiring the property or you need additional money to fund repairs, Investor Underwriting can help. We can help you access capital locked up in your existing assets with our hard money loans Hanover West, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Why work with us to fund your next real estate project? 

Fix and Flip Acquisitions like this have been funded by Investor Underwriting. See if your project qualifies too!
  • Reduce carrying costs: Why wait weeks or months to finish the repairs and renovation on a property while you’re paying to hold it? Tap into a hard money loan to get your project to the finish line  more quickly and sold in less time.
  • We fund more quickly: Funding with traditional banks can be a pain and can often derail your schedule with the project. With our fast decisions and fast funding you can have the confidence that you can close quickly with our asset-backed real estate private loans.
  • Take control again: The real estate investors who have the capital to move quickly on projects are the ones your best vendors want to work with. Access to faster and more reliable capital with Investor Underwriting can help you take control of your funnel and retain the best vendors.
  • Improve cash flow:  Even if you have the funds, using outside capital can often help you improve the health of your overall business. Keep more of your cash in the bank and let our cash go to work for you to help you get your project done more quickly. This will help you increase the bottom line and cashflow in your company.
  • Hard money loans for real estate will give you access to capital so you can keep moving forward with your deals.

Looking For Funding For Your Next Hanover West Real Estate Project? We’re Here To Help.

We fund all types of real estate projects, from fix and flips, to rehab projects, rental property repositioning, and commercial.

Projects like this in Georgia
Acquisition Funding: We can fund the acquisition and renovation of SFH.
Projects like this in Georgia
Fix / Flips: Funds to renovate your next flip.
Projects like this in Georgia
Rental Property Repositioning: Projects like this in Georgia

…never go back to a bank again!”

I have been using hard money now for over 3 years. I will never go back to a bank again!

– Charles M.

How Do We Work With Real Estate Investors In Hanover West?

If you own free and clear real estate and need cash to fund future purchases…

If you own real estate and need money to fix up the property so you can increase its value…

If you can’t put tenants into a property because you ran out of money to fix up the property

If you’re acquiring a property that you intend to rehab and flip or refinance as a rental but need the cash…

Then a hard money loan from Investor Underwriting can be the fastest, most affordable way to get moving forward on your deal. We have hard money loan programs for many different real estate situations. So click here now to find out what’s right for you.

Investor Underwriting: Your Hanover West Hard Money Loan Partner

House InspectorTap Into Our Extensive Real Estate Investing Experience To Help Fund Your Next Real Estate Deal

At Investor Underwriting, we’re not just lenders, we’re investors too. We get it. We know the challenges you face because we’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we built the company – to provide investors with a reputable, trusted alternative to the lenders who just don’t understand the challenges you face on a daily basis.

Our Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors program is specially designed to give investors like you the financial tools you need to get to cash flow faster.

To learn more about the loan programs we offer, click here now and see what’s right for you. Our team is always ready to help you walk through your options and apply our expertise to your investing situation.

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Hanover West, Atlanta – Hanover West is a small, legacy development built in the 1960s. It offers a number of amenities that attract residents of all ages. Niche ranked this one of the best places to buy a house in Atlanta, but they rarely come on the market.

This allows landlords to charge a median rent of $1100 per month. The average home value here is higher than the national average and well above the average for Atlanta, forcing many who want to live here to rent.

Hanover West is a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia with a population of 492. Hanover West is in Fulton County and is one of the best places to live in Georgia. Living in Hanover West offers residents an urban suburban mix feel and most residents own their homes. In Hanover West there are a lot of restaurants and parks. Residents of Hanover West tend to be liberal. The public schools in Hanover West are above average.

Hanover West is made up of roughly 100 homes developed originally in the 1960s, sitting along Peachtree Creek just north of Defoors Ferry Road between Interstate 75 and industrial Northwest Atlanta. Any resident of the neighborhood will quickly tell you that the private swim/tennis club in the center of the neighborhood (a rarity in Buckhead) is the social glue that holds the neighborhood together.

The Hanover West Neighborhood Association hosts many activities with the Garden Club, Swim Team, neighborhood parties and events. The neighborhood is a magnet for families with children and has a real Norman Rockwell feel.

Conveniently close to I- 75, Defoors Ferry Rd and Bohler Rd it’s an easy commute to Midtown, Downtown Atlanta and even the northern suburbs along I-75.

Zip Code: 30327 Public Schools: Morris Brandon Elementary School, Sutton Middle School, North Atlanta High School.

Private Schools: The Galloway School and Westminster Schools.

Hanover West is a straight shot down Bohler Rd to all the hip new hot spots popping up on the west side of town, like Westside Provisions District. Even closer are the casual dining, urban retailers and home decorating boutiques along Collier Rd, Defoors Ferry Rd and Chattahoochee Avenue. It’s also adjacent to the popular Cross Creek Golf Club.

The Hanover West Club is the center of social activity for the neighborhood and the source of endless fun during the long summer days. Ask any family who has lived in the neighborhood and you will instantly see them light up as they share happy memories of their times at the pool.