Fix/Flip Bridge Loans

We now offer seasoned investors 0.00% LENDER ORIGINATION on new bridge loans to help you present qualifying clients with more competitive terms.

Quick Summary

  • 0.00% Lender Origination fee;
  • Rates as low as 8.5%*;
  • 100% of Rehab Cost Covered;
  • Close in as little as 5 business days;

New Steps?

  1. Using the link below, take 5 minutes and share the details of your rental property;
  2. Our team will take it through loan review (every Monday-Friday at 0900AM EST);
  3. Loan terms will be provided within 48 hours of receiving your rental details;
  4. Funding will occur in as little as 30 days (note, things always slow down a bit as we head into the holidays.)

OR, Click here to Schedule a Call with Our Team

We look forward to working with you!


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