Hard Money Loans in a HOT Market

  2021 was a banner year for the housing market and according to the Atlanta Realtor’s Association it is not going to slow down anytime soon! Despite the concern for rising interest rates or the slow down in winter months the market is predicted to stay strong. The only obstacle for 2022 appears to be … Continued

Use Refinancing to your Advantage

Houses have doubled in value! The perfect opportunity for investors to refinance and reinvest! This level of cash out refinancing has not been seen since the mid 2000’s! Take advantage of this hot market and give us a call to see how you can get financing now! The U.S. housing boom is creating a new … Continued

Atlanta Hard Money Loan Success!

Chetan Makar: Hey there. This is Chetan Makar out here in Atlanta. I just really, really want to thank Investor Underwriting. They pulled off something really, really cool. Heather is my account manager. She's amazing. She's awesome. She used to be a teacher and they say teachers aren't super money motivated, but I will tell…

Real Estate Market 2022 Trends

With inflation affecting multiple markets due to the pandemic how do we navigate the challenges that 2022 brings to the real estate market? For a seasoned investor, being aware of the trends in the 2022 market could prove to be extremely profitable. When considering 2022 and taking into account inflation, and rising interest, the advantage … Continued

Flipping Houses in DeKalb County

Flipping houses has proved to be a profitable market for those that know what they’re doing. As we move into 2022 it is important to know where the best market for flipping houses is. Atlanta remains a great market for investors and more specifically, DeKalb county. 9.9% of the house sales in DeKalb last year … Continued

Hard Money Loans and CASH offers

Buying in a HOT market – How to set yourself up for success. Money talks and it seems that cash speaks best in competitive markets such as Atlanta’s. The one tip that continues to ring true in successful house buying is going in with a CASH offer. Set yourself apart from other buyers and give … Continued

Real Estate Investors in Atlanta

25% of homes purchased in Atlanta in 2021 were bought by real estate investors. The housing market shows no signs of slowing down despite the supply of homes unable to meet the high demands of 2022. Atlanta remains a focal point for investor opportunities. How can we help you get ahead in this demanding market? … Continued

Real Estate Success in Atlanta!

Speaker 1: Investor Underwriting has made the impossible in real estate possible for me. I've done fix and flips in Atlanta for years. Typically, I have to come to the table with 20% down, along with my monthly interest payments and still have the funds to kickstart my rehab project. Well, when I came across…

3 Tips for Profitable House Flipping

TIPS for home flippers – With rising property values how are seasoned investors finding profits in home flipping? Identifying the state of the neighborhood, finding the right market, and avoiding outsourcing too heavily has led other investors to profit, despite the increasing home prices. For years, real estate investors have enjoyed success by flipping houses. … Continued